Fedrigoni – The paper skin

The paper skin was a project I was involved working on at Geometry Global GmbH. The following text is the official project description.

Fedrigoni has been leading the fine paper industry for the last 125 years, making paper the beautiful and versatile medium it is today. Innumerous luxury brands use Fedrigoni packaging papers to add allure, distinction and protection to their premium products.

Still owned by the Fedrigoni family, Europes No. I follows a long tradition of sustained growth, innovation and deep respect for craftsmanship. Though their portolio of more than 3.000 breeds of papers is enormous, more than 50% of Fedrigoni´s production of packaging papers actually accounts for customized papers.

Celebrate Fedrigoni's unparalleled heritage by proving the uplifting momentum their packaging papers have been adding to luxury products ever since.Therefore inspire B2B conversations and create desire for a unique limited edition.

But to tell the story of a paper like no other it needed a brand experience like no other. So we told it -- by a brand like no other.

We put the legendary Leica X2 in a box that was both, a sample book and the packaging. But in it there wasn't any Leica X2. We created a limited edition by convincing Leica to replace it's iconic leather banderole by it's packaging material.

But the strongly structured paper had to survive weeks of uncompromising quality tests in Leicas manufactury: 400 cycles of heavy abrasion, temperatures from -40 to + 70°C and aggressive liquids like Aceton -- AND meet Leica requirements in haptic, grip and aesthetics.

Second Skin became First Skin and turned product design into most compelling communication design.







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