mondays – future retail experience for new work generation

How will future retail look like? Mondays is a retail concept which is much more than a traditional store that sells products.
The store aims at the target group of "new workers", self-employed people, founders and entrepreneurs, which can work anywhere in the world. The store is a place to meet, work and eat – but all of the interior can be purchased at anytime. All of the shopped items are then shipped right at the door of the customers. The store features a mixture of brands. The great potential lies in selling products or services, that where sold only online before, which fit to the lifestyles of the new work-generation. Lifestyle-electronics, journeys, events, sytlish furniture and food. The concept works with brands from all over the world an can be adapted to the special needs of the market of the area / land, the store is located in.



2016 / 2017


HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd


Semester Project


Arno Retail Design Award 2017


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