SID - Seat in demand. Intelligent seating system.

Mobility is one of the great challenges of the 21st century. Every day approximately 6 million people commute by train in Germany, and the trend is increasing. Thereby, imperative problems arise. One of the most common problems is finding a seat, especially at peak times. In suburban trains or other local trains, where no reservation system is used, the search for a place to sit and rest is challenging. Seat-in-demand, SID, is a sensor-based, intelligent passenger information system that displays the train occupancy in real-time and thus informs the commuter about where a free seat can be found, even before the train arrives, The system not only informs about the current train load, but also provides assistance in finding a bicycle or a disabled access, but also facilitates the use of a navigation function, which makes it easier to get to a different railway station. This is extremely helpful especially with short changeover times.



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