Reanimate – The app, that safes lives.

When it comes to first aid in Germany, only 15 % of the bystanders will initiate a sufficient resuscitation. In other european countries, the proportion is up to 70 %. In Germany, about 100,000 people die of an untreated heart attack every year. The reason: bystanders often do not know how to provide adequate first aid. The fear of doing something wrong paralyzes. But in case of a heart attack, there‘s just a timeframe

of 10 minutes, until the patient dies of insufficient oxygen supply. But also the first responders, who have enough knowledge of first aid to intervene actively, are unaware of emergencies happening right in their vicinity. Their potential remains

The idea: make heart attacks visible for first responders – with the first app that tells you where help is needed. In case of an emergency, first aiders will be notified and guided to the accident site. Due to their proximity, the therapy-free interval can considerably be shortened and lives be safed.



DHBW Ravensburg


Bachelor Thesis


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